How willing are you to change? Return

The Innovation of Change.

As health care professionals, one of our main outcomes is being a facilitator of client change. Our expectations can be high for our clients, considering the constraints of limited resources and time allotments, but isn't this a challenge we realistically face on a daily basis.

Yet a question to be consider is how much as professionals are we willing to make changes? Do we challenge ourselves to step out of that comfortable range when there's potential to assist our clients to reach their goals? When presented new ways to do our work, how do we react to those changes?

To take it one step further, do we ever personally do what we ask our clients to do?

Start with ourselves. Take our own inventories. See if there are areas in our lives which would dictate needed changes. Then, if we identify any areas of need, develop a plan of change and actually implement them? Followed, of course, by a daily maintance program to ensure their success.